When its time to say good bye to your beloved friend, we can guide you through the decision process.

When considering in home euthanasia think about where you want to perform the service. Inside on the couch or outside in a favorite lounging area. Have loving family and friends present; if they can't be there have them say good bye before the euthanasia. You can place pictures, light candles, wrap your friend in a favorite blanket, or hold them on your lap.

All animals receive an injection of a sedative to calm them. Once relaxed and resting comfortably a final injection is given. Then family can take as much time as needed to say good bye.

We have a professional relationship with Paws and Remember, a family operated crematorium that gives full respect and dignity to your companion. They offer both private and communal cremation.

Private cremation involves the pet being cremated alone in a cremator. After the cremation we will return the ashes to you.

After a communal cremation is performed, the ashes are buried in a memorial at the crematorium.